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The witch party started in October of 1999.  Adrienne Dixon, the hostess of the Witch Party, was in a Bunco group of thirteen women.  They decided to throw a witch themed party that year. It was a hit! The next year they invited more friends and called it the Witch Party. The party grew and GREW! Before long, Adrienne’s house was brimming full of “witches” every October. The parties also began to include psychic readers and costume contests. This is when the Witch Party really soared. By about 2009 the Witch Party had over 100 ladies in attendance. That’s when everyone had to call it quits.

In 2012, Ruth Zamora suggested to an all women’s group, comprising of  Tru Mindi Eastman and Adrienne Dixon and many others, to use the Witch Party as a charitable event. Thus, in 2013 Sisters of the Moon was born.

Sisters of the Moon Event Milestones

Witch Party 2013 

First successful event in which Sisters of the Moon raised $15,000 for the Food and Care Coalition of Utah

Witch Party 2014

Sisters of the Moon raised $20,000 for The Center for Women and Children in Crisis

Goddess Party 2015

First successful women’s empowerment seminar and party to raise funds for Witch Party 2015

Witch Party 2015

Raised over $20,000 and brought awareness to the Rape Recovery Center

Goddess Party 2016

Successful hosted the second annual Goddess Party to allocate funds for the Witch Party 2016 charity event

Witch Party 2016

The fourth annual Witch Party raised nearly $25,000 for the Rape Recovery Center

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