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Sisters of the Moon

Our Board Members

Our committee has come together, dedicated time, and effort to host events like the Witch Party. We are passionate about hosting events to raise funds for charity. Our goal is to support women and create a place where women can have fun and kick off their everyday wear for a witch hat!

Tru Mindi Eastman

Tru Mindi Eastman


This has expanded my own awareness about the needs of our community and how we can really benefit those who need us most.

Adrienne Dixon

Adriene Dixon

Vice President

This party and organization changes lives. I’ve watched it happen over and over. The impacts we have on others lives makes it all worth it!

Debbie Jensen

Jennifer Schnabel

Chrissy Brown

Sisters of the Moon

Lisa Ross StarAhna

Robin Muir

Allison Matson

Christine Christensen

Vicki Haight


We are looking for volunteers to help us with our events!